Italy Plans To Phase Out Coal Power To Boost Renewable Energy By 2025

- Dec 04, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to oil network reported that the Italian government has announced a new national energy strategy, plans to phase out coal-fired power generation in the 2025 years ago, vigorously promote renewable energy in the field of electric power, and even the entire energy consumption accounted for, and will continue to promote diversified sources of natural gas.

According to the framework document drawn up by Italy's ministry of economic development and environment, Italy plans to increase its total energy consumption to 28 per cent of total renewable energy by 2030.Among them, the proportion of renewable energy in power generation will be increased to 55%.The proportion of renewable energy sources in transport will increase to 21 per cent.

Italy, meanwhile, plans to double its investment in clean energy research and development by 2021, from $258 million in 2013 to $517 million.

It is understood that Italy is Europe's fourth largest energy consumer and its oil and gas demand is heavily dependent on imports.In addition to promoting renewable energy, the proposed new energy strategy is also aimed at diversifying the supply of natural gas.The new energy strategy emphasizes that natural gas will continue to play an important role in the energy structure of Italy.As a result, Italy will push for new natural gas import pipelines to ensure a plurality of supply sources and routes, while also introducing preferential policies to encourage imports of LNG.

In addition, Italy is considering a halt to coal production by 2025.