Japan Has Developed A Fire-proof Lithium Battery

- Dec 01, 2017-

Chinese energy storage network: Japanese researchers have developed a safer lithium ion battery electrolyte that doesn't burn or explode even in high temperatures.

Lithium batteries are widely used in electric vehicles or electronic devices such as mobile phones, but conventional lithium-ion batteries use highly flammable organic electrolytes that pose a serious safety hazard.

Researchers from the university of Tokyo and other institutions in the new issue of the journal nature energy post, according to their research and development is a kind of contains a high concentration of flame retardant trimethyl phosphate electrolyte.

This electrolyte is not easy to burn, and can achieve high stabilization and discharge more than 1000 times or more than a year, with a life expectancy of comparable to even more than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Research team, points out that this can make the working voltage of lithium ion battery electrolyte increased from the current 3.7 v to 4.6 v, will apply to the electric car battery storage requirements such as high energy density, high security, the team will propulsion research and related enterprises.