Japan Has Developed A Successful New Electric Vehicle For All-solid-state Batteries.

- Jan 16, 2018-

According to Japan's largest car information website "carview" reports, tu zi, county is located in Japan, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of special glass nec nitrate unit using sodium is a crystallization of glass for the first time in the world as the anode material, solid-state batteries run successfully at room temperature.

According to the company, the battery has a "softening liquid can improve the ionic conductivity of glass", "the rich resources of sodium, no lack of supply concerns", "no exception caught fire and poisonous hydrogen sulfide" and so on a number of advantages.

Compared with the traditional battery, the ionic conductivity of the solid-state batteries is about 2 times, the output capacity of more than 3 times, this is the occasion of starting and accelerating needs more power to exert force, and has the characteristics of long service life, can improve the energy density, highly anticipated in the field of electric vehicles, the future development trend.