Japan Has Developed An Ultra-thin Solar Cell That Can Be Retractable And Can Be Attached To Clothing

- Sep 20, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the asahi shimbun, Japan's riken institute jointly with the university of Tokyo research team has developed a flexible, washable ultra thin solar cells, the cells can be put on clothes, and can be used as a dressing equipment of power supply.The results are published in the 18th edition of the British journal nature energy.

Silurian riken institute, xian, and dye, a professor at the university of Tokyo GuLongFu rub with semiconductor properties of organic compounds on the thin polymer film, made the solar cell.The battery is only 3 micrometres thick and can work properly even if it is bent.If it is stained by ink or other substances, the cleaning agent will not affect the performance of the battery.In addition, the solar cells are twice as powerful as ordinary thin solar cells.

Silurian, xian, said: "this kind of solar cell is expected to be used in some measure blood pressure, body temperature, put on clothes to help in the early detection of disease medical equipment, integrated thin smartphone with clothings or used as power supply, etc."