Japan Has Developed Solar Cells That Can Be Pasted Onto Clothing

- Apr 18, 2018-

Comprehensive NHK television, current affairs, kyodo news reported that recently, Japan riken research institute and the joint research group of toray company developed a new type of thin plate solar cells, only need electricity iron paste onto the clothes can be used.


The battery is on the surface, thin and soft resin coated can convert solar energy to electricity organic polymeric semiconductor materials, thickness of 3 microns, under the high temperature of 100 degrees can still keep the same performance.If it is attached to the shoulders, it can be used as a portable walkman.

The battery photoelectric conversion efficiency of 10%, it belongs to high in organic solar cells, the previous performance after heating thin solar cells can reduce about twenty percent, but the new battery developed basic won't appear the situation of the performance degradation.

Riken institute silurian fukuda xian said, at present, embedded in the fabric of measuring body temperature and heart rate sensor "smart textiles" remarkable, in order to make the battery can be used as a power source, will increase its capacity in the future.