Japan Honda Releases Waste Power Battery Regeneration Plan

- Apr 19, 2020-

Japan Honda Releases Waste Power Battery Regeneration Plan

A few days ago, Netcom learned from foreign media that Honda Motor (Honda) revealed a waste power battery regeneration plan. According to the introduction, the plan aims to collect used batteries in new energy vehicles, and secondary use or dismantling and recycling according to the situation. With the gradual popularization of new energy electric vehicles, the recycling of used power batteries has also become a key area of concern for major auto manufacturers.

Honda said that the recovered used batteries can create more economic value and reduce energy consumption and pollution. Most of the used batteries are only deteriorated in performance. Although these batteries are no longer suitable for electric vehicles, they can still be used for "secondary use", such as home energy storage units, wind energy or solar energy storage units. Store temporary power or related uses.

If the battery is completely scrapped, Honda will dismantle it and recycle valuable metal elements such as cobalt, nickel and copper in the battery for recycling.

SNAM Company, which is mainly engaged in battery regeneration projects

Since 2013, Honda has cooperated with SNAM to carry out a project on the recycling of used batteries, and studied how to use used batteries more efficiently to create more economic value. In the cooperation, SNAM is responsible for finding recycling applications for used electric vehicle batteries recovered by Honda from 22 countries.

Tom Gardner, senior vice president of Honda Europe, said in a statement: "With Honda ’s expanding lineup of hybrid and electric vehicles, the demand for battery recycling is also growing. By recycling and recycling these waste Power batteries, or dismantling and extracting valuable raw materials through technical means, will further increase the use value of power batteries. "