Japan Intends To Use Renewable Energy As The 'main Power Source'

- Apr 09, 2018-

According to Japan's kyodo news agency reported on March 30, 30, the Japanese economy, trade and industry (meti) convened to discuss the topic of 2025 long-term energy policy expert meetings, and put forward a draft strategy, the renewable energy as the possibility of "become the main body is significantly expanding power".The move is aimed at strengthening global warming.With regard to the proportion of renewable energy and nuclear power, there are no numerical targets to be set.The draft was completed in April at the earliest.

The draft notes that renewable energy, such as solar and wind, should reflect a decline in global prices and advances in digital technology, and strive to be the main source of power.The draft suggests that by storing excess electricity in a battery, or converting it to hydrogen as an energy source, it can grow into an independent power source that is independent of the weather.

The draft argues that nuclear power is a source of carbon dioxide that does not contribute to global warming, and that it is important to continue to develop high-security reactors and train people.On the other hand, based on the lessons of the fukushima nuclear accident, the policy of reducing nuclear reliance as much as possible will not change in the future.

Draft, points out that in the current bear the main thermal power aspects of power generation task, stop the low efficiency of coal-fired power generation, the carbon dioxide emissions of gas thermal power transformation will become less important.It also plans to promote the development of carbon dioxide stored underground to prevent global warming.

Japan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 in the Paris agreement on global warming countermeasures.The government plans to work out a basic energy plan for the middle of the year by 2030, with a focus on the 2050 strategy.