Japan Invested $176 Million Solar Power Plant In Jordan

- Oct 31, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: recently, confirmed by the Japanese embassy, Japan invested in four big energy project in Jordan, about the first investment of 407.5 million, Japan in Jordan about the total investment of RMB 1.13 billion.

The four energy projects, including the Amman in eastern power plant no. 1 and no. 3, and 4, the no. 1 power generation in power plants and 4 capacity of up to 640 mw, accounting for 25% of the power load of Jordan, mitsubishi company about the first investment of 467.6 million.

Mitsubishi has invested 35 per cent of its 573 megawatts in power plants.

Mitsubishi also invested in the maan solar power plant project.

The maan solar power station, which covers a million square meters and USES 600,000 solar panels, has a installed capacity of 52.5 megawatts, and mitsubishi has invested $117.6 million in the solar power plant project.

It is understood that, in Jordan's entire energy mix, traditional energy accounts for 91%, while new energy accounts for just 9%.