Japan Is Considering Easing Restrictions Or Will Allow Gas Stations To Install Charging Piles.

- Mar 13, 2018-

The Japanese government is considering easing restrictions or will allow small gas stations to install electric car charging piles, according to the nikkei business news.

日本考虑放宽限制 或将允许加油站安装充电桩

Japan's ministry of economy, trade and industry (METI) is considering allowing the installation of charging terminals near tankers without any space restrictions.But regulatory changes will be based on testing to ensure that safety is regulated.Pilot projects will be carried out in special control areas.

METI will set up a research team that will include representatives from the oil and gas industry and will hear from agencies such as Japan's Fire and Disaster Management Agency.METI will release an action plan in May that aims to relax the restrictions in fiscal 2019.METI is also considering making adjustments that allow the opening of convenience stores, supermarkets and parcel delivery warehouses at gas stations.

The gas station should also meet its legal obligations to ensure that at least one worker is present 24 hours a day, even in self-service gas stations.In addition, METI will also consider building unmanned gas stations, using information technology tools to remotely monitor tankers.

At present, the fuel tank of the gas station must be installed and installed underground, but after the regulation is adjusted, the fuel tank will be allowed to be installed on the ground.Currently, Japan operates about 23,000 electric car charging terminals and about 100 hydrogen stations.The government aims to have 320 hydrogen stations by 2025.