Japan Is Working Hard To Develop All-solid-state Batteries

- Jun 19, 2018-

Japan's new energy industry technology comprehensive development agency announced that the country's part of the enterprises and institutions to jointly develop the next generation of electric vehicles in the next five years all solid state lithium ion battery, strive for an early applied to the new energy automotive industry.

The project is expected to total investment of 10 billion yen (about 580 million yuan), Toyota, Honda, nissan, 23 cars, battery and material companies such as panasonic, and Kyoto university, Japan riken institute 15 academic institutions will jointly participate in the study, comprehensive plan to 2022 to master relevant technology of solid-state batteries.

Japan's new energy industry technology development agency said the next generation of cars (including clean diesel vehicles, hybrid cars, electric vehicles, etc.) is the future direction of the global automotive industry.A number of Japanese manufacturers have launched large-scale sales plans for pure electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars, and more efficient on-board batteries have also attracted much attention.

No gas and liquid in solid-state lithium battery structure, all the materials in solid form, high density, high security performance, such as to make it more advantages compared with traditional liquid battery, application prospect in the field of new energy vehicles.