Japan's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Is Operating

- Mar 29, 2018-

Recently, Kyocera announced the operation of the latest floating solar energy (FPV) power plant in yamakura dam reservoir in chiba prefecture, Japan, making the 13.7MW FPV plant the largest FPV power plant in Japan.


Kyocera, said FPV is designed and made by kyocera communications company, joint ventures by kyocera and Tokyo century kyocera TCL solar energy co., LTD., the project was founded in 2012, aims to promote Japan's large solar projects.

The FPV area is 180,000 square meters (more than 44 acres) and USES 50,904 kyocera solar modules, estimated to generate 16,170 mw (MWh) per year.All the electricity produced by the plant is sold to tepco.

Kyocera TCL solar has built 61 solar power plants across Japan and has developed seven FPV power plants in Japan using freshwater DAMS and reservoirs.