Japan Will Use A Wide Range Of Hydrogen Batteries

- Feb 02, 2018-

Hydrogen fuel cells have better battery performance than lithium batteries.The future more promising in terms of new energy vehicles, new energy and industrial technology in Tokyo, Japan recently integrated development institutions set goals, will spread before 2040 mainly hydrogen new energy electric vehicles.

The ideal hydrogen fuel cell will have a range of 1,000 kilometers, or 1.5 times that of a normal lithium-ion battery, the study said.Japan in 2040 to hydrogen fuel new energy car ownership to carry on the forecast, in 3 million - 6 million the cumulative, hydrogen fuel cells in addition to the above range relative to the lithium battery has a certain advantage, will be smaller volume, body is lighter, output power is also increased 3 times as much.

Due to the fuel cell in use process will not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas effect, so the new energy vehicles also more environmentally friendly, the current Japanese comprehensive new energy and industrial technology development and power companies begin to develop the hydrogen fuel cell development plan.There is a lot of confidence in hydrogen fuel electric cars.