Japanese Manufacturers Have Had To Make Electric Cars In China Because Of The New Rules

- Aug 24, 2017-

Japanese car makers have to accelerate production of electric cars in China, the reason is for management of severe air pollution problems, the Chinese government issued new rules, regulations, enterprises must produce a certain proportion of green cars, will be fined if unfinished indicators, is expected to start as early as 2018.The industry, including local auto makers, is facing intense sales competition.

Nissan is the only Japanese manufacturer to officially sell electric vehicles in China.Plans are also being made to sell electric cars based on the leaf, a small car that will be available in 2018.The results of nissan's cooperation with its mitsubishi motors are also highly anticipated.

Honda also announced that it will launch a new electric vehicle in 2018.Toyota will work with its capital partner Mazda to launch a new car in 2019.

The Chinese government also wants to include plug-in hybrid cars, but it is expected that manufacturers of electric vehicles can enjoy discounts.Hybrid cars, which Japanese manufacturers are good at, are not among the favored ones.

About 400, 000 electric vehicles were sold in China in 2016.The Japanese manufacturer produces about 2,000 of its electric vehicles, accounting for the vast majority, according to a report by the bank's strategic investigation unit (Hong Kong).To avoid penalties for the new rules, companies will need to produce about 30,000 vehicles each.According to analysis, the Chinese government intends to support domestic industries such as local electric car manufacturers, and the competition will be fierce.