Japanese Media: Japan Is Finalizing Its Hydrogen Energy Strategy For Commercial Use In 2030

- Jan 04, 2018-

Japanese media said the Japanese government hammered out the basic hydrogen strategy at a meeting of the ministers on Monday.In addition to achieving hydrogen generation by 2030, it will also expand hydrogen utilization in transport areas such as cars and buses.The government plans to improve the social base of large quantities of hydrogen energy and control the purchase price of hydrogen at a lower level.

According to kyodo news agency reported on December 26, shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister, said at the meeting "hydrogen is to solve the problem of energy security and global warming trump card", emphasized the Japan leads the world to realize the importance of hydrogen energy society.

The strategy envisages that by 2030, the number of fuel-cell vehicles powered by hydrogen will reach 800,000, with the amount of hydrogen used to generate electricity reaching 300,000 tonnes per year.It is said that 300, 000 tons of electricity is used for electricity generation, which is equivalent to a large nuclear power unit.

The strategy notes the Paris agreement on global warming and aims to reach 2050.It is proposed to control the cost of hydrogen generation per kilowatt hour at 12 yen (0.7 yuan), which can replace the level of gas-fired power generation.