Jinan Three Years To Achieve 100% Clean Heating

- Nov 07, 2017-

China energy storage net news: jinan in shandong province recently issued "the northern region winter experimental city of" clean heating for three years, according to the plan in 2017-2020, jinan will invest 27.3 billion yuan, the heating area of 153 million square meters in the city clean, clean heating strive for three years to achieve 100%.

At present, most areas using coal-fired heating, become jinan atmospheric pollution one of the major heating season.

According to the plan, clean heating transformation will include 59 key projects, shall be carried out in accordance with the six technical path, support of coal boiler elimination and ultra-low emissions reformation, long-distance external heat energy into the economy, regional Internet, reconstruction of existing building energy efficiency, in the deep geothermal heating, clean clean energy substitution in urban and rural areas, etc., to the technology leading the project, perfect the late operation and maintenance.

, three years will have a total investment of 27.3 billion yuan, including 2.1 billion yuan in the central fiscal funds, municipal supporting financial capital is 5.8 billion yuan, attract social capital of 19.4 billion yuan.

This year, jinan will dismantle all below 35 ZhengDun and coal-fired boiler, 35 ZhengDun and above all realize ultra-low emissions coal-fired boiler.

After elimination, adjust measures to local conditions to take alternative measures, the use of central heating (including waste heat utilization) instead of coal-fired boiler, to continue the development and utilization of local large-scale power plant waste heat, to speed up the introduction of urban waste heat, the new heat source used in existing coal-fired boiler.

At the same time, enlarge the coverage of gas pipeline network, increasing the gas source supply, pushing coal-fired boiler "coal to gas".

By electric energy boiler and air source and the sewage-source heat pump, electric steam boilers, coal-fired boiler coal to electricity ".

At the appointed time, jinan is expected to become the country's first to achieve below 35 ZhengDun and the capital city of coal-fired boiler all washed out.