Australia And Japan Will Jointly Launch High-energy Solid-state Lithium Batteries To The Market Within 5 Years

- Sep 16, 2019-

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia announced on the 12th that it will cooperate with Japanese chemical manufacturer Piotrek to develop high-energy solid-state lithium batteries, which are planned to be launched in the next five years for the global market, such as electronic equipment, drones and electric vehicles.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization says it has a "reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT)" technology in solid-state battery development, which can be combined with Piotrek's "Ion Conductive Polymer (ICP) technology). On this basis, it is expected to develop "the world's safest, long-life high-energy solid-state battery."

A solid-state battery is a new type of battery that uses solid electrodes and solid electrolytes, which has the advantages of high energy and safety compared with conventional batteries. According to reports, the energy of the next-generation solid-state lithium battery may be twice that of current lithium batteries, and has broad application prospects in fields such as new energy vehicles. Solid-state batteries are not as volatile and flammable as conventional batteries, and are not susceptible to combustion in the event of impact and damage.

Adam Best, head of battery research at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, said that a number of companies are scrambling to develop solid-state batteries, and it is expected that there will be products using solid-state batteries in the market by 2025.