KYMCO Has Introduced A New Battery Charging Scheme For The Latest Electric Scooters

- Mar 27, 2018-

KYMCO recently launched the Ionex electric motorbike at the Tokyo motorcycle show in 2018, spearheading the new battery charging strategy.The Taiwanese manufacturer has come up with a power outlet network that combines a typical charging station with a battery exchange vending machine, as well as other manufacturers.


In the next three years, KYMCO plans to launch 10 electric models, build charging networks in 20 countries and sell more than 500,000 electric scooters worldwide.Ionex itself does not seem to offer any radical technology, mainly based on the popularity of many years of 110 gasoline version design, using Vespa style drives.

KYMCO Ionex is equipped with a central processor to coordinate the best charging process.The Ionex is driven by an electric motor on the rear hub, powered by a battery of batteries.There is an undetachable core battery mounted on the bottom of the saddle and swing arm, and two removable battery slots below the central floor.They are responsible for driving the motor and charging the core battery while it is moving, and it will be used as the last backup battery to drive the motor once other batteries are exhausted.


Charging can be done in several ways;Typically include electric motorcycle charging line directly inserted into the power outlet, and the removable battery in the home or portable charger in the workplace, and have Ionex energy station.

KYMCO will build a network of power outlets similar to vending machines that can store batteries and charge them in less than an hour.Similar to a few years ago by Gogoro battery switching scheme, KYMCO plan to build a broad enough charging network, these of the specifications of the charger will be open to all manufacturers, because KYMCO invite them to participate in the design of their own compatible battery.It could also include a battery swap that could make it the world's first multi-purpose open energy platform.