LED Power IC Manufacturers' 2014 War

- Dec 28, 2019-

The continued decline in the price of LED lighting will also drive the global wave of lamp replacements. It is estimated that the demand for LED bulbs and tubes will exceed 80% in 2014, attracting LED driver IC manufacturers including F-Angbao and F-Silicon. , Hongguan Electric, Accumulation, etc., all are sharpening. Huo Huo is planning to eat the American Texas Instruments (TI) 's existing market with cost-effective products next year.

Global market research institution LEDinside said that with the decline in LED prices and the increase in LED light efficiency year by year, the purchase cost recovery cycle has been significantly shortened, and the drive for global commercial and public sectors to replace lamps has greatly increased, and has officially launched the global LED light source. Replace tide. It is estimated that the global demand for LED bulbs will increase by 86% annually in 2014, and the growth rate of the demand for LED lamps will reach 89%.

It is optimistic that the LED lighting market will develop in a cost-effective direction, so that Asian IC design companies are expected to be able to divide the market of Moritz, including F-Angbao, F-Silicon, Hongguan Electric, and Accumulation. As for Taiwan's analog IC leader Li Zhi, although he mentioned that he would reduce the investment in the Red Sea of LED lighting, whether it will enter the LED lighting market through reinvestment in the future has also attracted much attention.

The legal person estimates that F-Angbao ’s LED lighting driver IC shipments will exceed 30% next year. In addition, the market share of charging power management ICs for the tablet computer and smart phone markets will increase, and F-Angbao ’s revenue for next year will be optimistic. Break through the 3 billion yuan mark.

Continental analog IC factory F-Silicon has received lighting orders from Philips, NVC and Everlight, and demand for LED lighting has continued to increase. It is estimated that F-Silicon's performance next year will still grow by 20% to 30%.

In the face of the Red Sea market, where LED lighting continues to multiply, but price competition is excessive, Hongguan Electric and Juzhu are analog IC factories that carefully develop LED lighting. Rainbow Crown has this year's game console customers supporting profit growth quarter by quarter, also brewing the strength to develop the LED lighting market. It is understood that Hongguan's LED lighting driver IC specializes in industrial lighting and commercial lighting markets, and is applying for Japanese and American major manufacturers certification.

Agglomeration dominates the high-resolution digital billboard market, but continues to move closer to the LED lighting market. Although the highly anticipated light engine products this year have not achieved results, LED lighting revenue accounted for less than 10% of the accumulated, but, With mainland and Korean customers actively expanding the layout, the accumulation of LED lamp-related driver ICs and module products next year will have the opportunity to contribute more than 20% of revenue.