Lifan Launches A Driverless Car Sharing Car In The United States.

- Jan 18, 2018-

The us local time on January 5, lifan, looking forward to silicon valley in the United States, car, baidu held its first unmanned commercial application service scenario shows conference, this is a Chinese car share its overseas and unmanned, also means that the domestic commercial self-driving technology a step forward.


Previously, the partners had already released a version of baidu's Apollo2.0 version of the self-driving car, lifan 330 EV, in the us.During the test drive in the press conference, a large number of media were gathered in front of the lifan 330 EV, and they were actively involved and experienced the functions of automatic recharging, automatic charging and automatic scheduling.

In field experience, users only need to use them in the hope of looking for vehicles, mobile phone APP select vehicles and click "I want to get on the bus" button, input on location, vehicle can be automatically pulled out from the parking location to users.After connecting with users, the car can make intelligent decision and drive smoothly to the destination.When the user gets off the car, just click "I want to park" in the APP, and then the automatic parking function can be turned on.In the process of automatic driving and reloading, the vehicle can effectively identify traffic signals, identify and avoid pedestrians, and maintain proper distance from the vehicle.

As an important part of the baidu Apollo program, lifan is responsible for the manufacture of the vehicle, and coordinates the test vehicles for the vehicle and the market operation vehicles.The appearance of the driverless car share, not only from the technology solves the user last mile car problem, also gave the baidu Apollo platform industry chain in all industry participants more faith and confidence.

After 50 days, the project will be officially launched in chongqing and become the country's first new energy sharing vehicle for driverless commercial applications, gao yu, CEO of the company, said at the event.