Life Status Of PACK Enterprises In Lithium Industry

- Aug 12, 2017-

As we all know, power batteries have a core link, PACK grouping, from production to new energy vehicles.No matter what type of power cell monomers, they must be packaged and tested before they can finally be used on new energy vehicles.

For now, however, the industry did not comment on the new energy car companies have used by power battery and battery module standard shape, so it is known that different manufacturers almost didn't use the same module and production process.

This not only leads to power battery system incompatible embarrassed face many specifications, different battery specification and production technology also restricts the enterprise production efficiency, unable to effectively improve product quality and production capacity.At the same time, the design of automatic production line for battery production is higher and more demanding.

According to experts from the China association of automobile manufacturers, new energy vehicles are expected to reach 700, 000 units this year, and the corresponding power battery demand will reach 30 GWH.China's new energy vehicle market is expected to reach 1.45 million vehicles by 2020, and the demand for lithium batteries will exceed 60 GWH.

The total market value of the domestic power battery (including PACK) is now around 75 billion yuan, based on the average battery price of 2.5 yuan/Wh.It is foreseeable that the surging demand of domestic dynamic battery market will undoubtedly bring huge market space to PACK enterprises and will become an important arena in the future of equipment field.

It has been the best example of the $4.7 billion valuation of the company, which is valued at $4.7 billion.

Doing on the purpose of the PACK, batteries and vehicle enterprises compared to the professional PACK differs, batteries and vehicle enterprises is to master the BMS and PACK technology, the use of scale to reduce costs.It can also avoid excessive reliance on professional PACK companies.

In addition, it is widely believed that PACK and BMS have no substitute for the safety of battery.So the vehicle enterprises and batteries do PACK "invisibility" is the new energy vehicle safety performance requirements more and more high, his PACK and BMS system, can avoid on security issues lead to "the dispute" in the future.

However, the system power battery PACK for technology and capital demand is very high, now an annual output of ten thousand sets of battery PACK PACK production lines, production equipment needed for 2000-2000 yuan between, if batteries companies and oems completely on its own production is likely to lose the cost advantage.

Therefore, PACK is given to a more professional PACK enterprise to do, in cost control will be more reasonable.But PACK enterprises want to survive, in addition to master PACK the core technology, the need to provide clients with more perfect PACK solution, at the same time establish a pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, to eliminate the customer's worries.