CorvusEnergy Orders Lithium Batteries For 13 Ships

- Nov 27, 2019-

The trend of European ship electrification is heating up.

According to foreign media reports, the German cruise company AIDACruises, a carnival company's brand, and Canadian marine battery supplier Corvus Energy have announced a cooperation in the field of ship electrification.

According to the agreement, CorvusEnergy will install lithium-ion battery storage systems for 13 cruise ships of AIDACruises to help AIDACruises realize the electrification of ships, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels and realizing the development of its "green cruise strategy". The first ship's lithium battery system will be installed and operated in 2020.

"Our goal is emissions-neutral ship operations, and the electrification of our ships is another important milestone on this road. Thanks to the collaboration with CorvusEnergy, AIDACruises will launch this innovative technology on a large cruise ship within a few months. AIDACruises said that AIDA is increasing the practical use of battery storage systems on large cruise ships to improve ship operating efficiency and reduce costs.

CorvusEnergy was founded in 2011 and is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer based in British Columbia, Canada, which sells lithium-ion battery energy storage systems to customers in the shipping, oil and gas, and utility sectors.

With the increase in market demand for marine batteries and energy storage systems, CorvusEnergy's marine lithium battery system orders have also grown rapidly since 2018.

To this end, CorvusEnergy plans to expand its production and R & D facilities in Canada and Norway, and further expand its production capacity by expanding its 200 MWh semi-automated battery production facilities and 400 MWh full-scale facilities at its Vancouver and Bergen plants, respectively. Automatic production plant, expansion project will be completed in 2019.

Currently, European ship electrification is heating up. Leading ship and battery manufacturers including CorvusEnergy, German battery manufacturer AkasolAG, Nidec Ansaldo Industrial Systems, Saft Group, Samsung SDI, Eternal Lithium Energy, etc. Developed a new type of marine lithium battery system and actively entered the European electric ship market.