Samsung SDI Supplies Spare Tires For Tesla Lithium Battery

- Jan 03, 2020-

On October 30, Panasonic announced that the company won the latest lithium-ion battery supply contract from Tesla Motors in the United States for a period of four years. According to analysis, the contract is worth about $ 7 billion.

It's no surprise that Panasonic has once again become a major supplier of Tesla lithium batteries. Luo Huanta, an analyst at the Institute of Advanced Industries and Industries (GBII) believes that from the previous market operation of Tesla, Panasonic's battery quality is still excellent, and it is reasonable to become its supplier.

Panasonic said it will provide Tesla with 2 billion lithium-ion battery cells by 2017 for Tesla's current ModelS pure electric luxury sports car and ModelX electric SUV, which will be launched next year. For comparison, Panasonic has supplied 200 million battery cells to Tesla in the past two years.

It is understood that Tesla plans to sell 21,000 ModelS worldwide this year. ModelX will boost sales significantly after it goes on sale next year. According to Bloomberg analyst Ali Izadi-Najafabadi, the contract may bring Panasonic $ 7 billion in operating income over the next four years. The battery in the contract will mainly power Tesla's ModelS and ModelX electric vehicles.

Panasonic spokeswoman Chieko Gyobu said Panasonic has supplied 200 million lithium-ion battery cells to Tesla over the past two years. Another Panasonic spokeswoman, Megumi Kitagawa, revealed in a telephone interview that Panasonic is considering moving employees from the personal computer and cell phone divisions to the rechargeable and industrial battery divisions.

This contract will strengthen Panasonic's position as the leader in the electric vehicle battery industry. Luo Huanta believes that although Samsung SDI has been rumored to be negotiating with Tesla, from the information released by Panasonic this time, Samsung will only have the fate of Tesla's spare tire in the next three or four years. Already.

Tesla's verification conditions for its suppliers are more stringent. Moreover, Tesla has already used Panasonic's 18650 batteries for a long period of adaptation. It is also wiser to continue to use the original suppliers. Sun Yucheng, general manager of Xinzheng Lithium Co., Ltd. believes that Samsung's successful experience in power lithium batteries is obviously inferior to Panasonic.

From this point of view, it is still not difficult for Samsung to enter Tesla's supply chain in a short time. Those listed companies that supply lithium battery materials to Samsung want to take advantage of Tesla's downwind riders this time to be disappointed.

However, backed by the big tree of Tesla, Panasonic's stock price has risen 88% this year, and the Topix Index has risen more than 40% during the same period. In the Chinese market, Jinrui Technology, which provides ternary precursor materials for Panasonic 18650 batteries, took this advantage, and its stock price rose from 7.6 yuan to 9.15 yuan in the two days from October 31 to November 1, an average increase. More than 8%.