Lithium Battery Commonly Used Electrolyte Solvent.

- Jul 22, 2019-

The electrolyte of lithium battery is an important component of the battery, which has a great impact on the performance of the battery.Lithium battery electrolyte is mainly composed of organic solvents, suitable solvents need its high dielectric constant, low viscosity, commonly used alkyl carbonate such as PC, EC, strong polarity, high dielectric constant.


Lithium battery electrolyte:
Lithium battery electrolyte is the carrier of ion transfer in battery.It usually consists of lithium and organic solvents.Electrolyte plays the role of conducting ions between positive and negative electrodes of lithium battery, which is the guarantee of high voltage, high specific energy and other advantages of lithium ion battery.The electrolyte is generally made of high purity organic solvent, lithium electrolyte salt, necessary additives and other raw materials in a certain proportion under certain conditions.


The electrolyte is mainly composed of 3 parts:
1.Solvent: cyclic carbonate (PC, EC);Chain carbonates (DEC, DMC, EMC);Carboxylic esters (MF, MA, EA, MA, MP).
2.Lithium salts: LiPF6, LiClO4, LiBF4, LiAsF6, etc.
3.Additives: film forming additives, conductive additives, flame retardant additives, overcharge protection additives, additives to control the content of H2O and HF in electrolyte, additives to improve low temperature performance, multi-functional additives.