Lithium Battery Giant Forklift Market

- Apr 19, 2020-

Lithium Battery Giant Forklift Market

In the manufacturing logistics handling link, forklift trucks generally have strict working conditions such as high environmental requirements, high frequency of use, and long operating time. In recent years, in the context of the National Environmental Protection New Deal and the "oil to electricity" background, the trend of forklift lithium electrification continues to accelerate. Lithium battery giants such as Ningde Times and BYD are also constantly increasing their numbers to slash this "big cake."

A few days ago, JAC Forklift 10 lithium battery professional models were successfully delivered to well-known domestic automobile manufacturers. It is reported that JAC lithium battery models come standard with CATL battery module, quality assurance, equipped with CAN communication system, graded fault handling, safe and efficient, bridge box integrated structure design, high transmission efficiency, low noise, unique battery sleep function, Effectively play a role in energy conservation and protection to meet customers' high load demand.

In fact, in CATL in the field of forklifts, there has been a layout. In November 2018, Hangcha Group released the "XC Series New Energy Forklifts" and "Hangcha-C Series Lithium Battery" forklifts. It was a joint venture established by Ningde Times and Hangcha Group to provide batteries and modules. Pengcheng New Energy Company assembled battery packs. At that time, Hu Jianguo, technical director of Ningde Times, expressed his optimism about the prospects of electric forklifts: "The rapid development of industries such as warehousing and logistics has provided opportunities for the marketing of pure electric forklifts. In the next few years, electric forklift sales will maintain a certain growth trend. "

And another lithium battery giant BYD has already entered the field of electric forklifts as early as 2009. In 2013, relying on its leading edge in the field of lithium iron phosphate batteries, BYD officially launched the world's first electric forklift equipped with lithium batteries to the market. After several years of practice and development, BYD lithium forklifts have been recognized by the market for their excellent performance in terms of environmental protection, high safety, long life, maintenance-free, and fast charging and charging and use. According to the person in charge of BYD, it is expected that the sales of electric forklifts will reach 5 billion yuan in 2020.

It is understood that Guoxuan Hi-Tech, which focuses on lithium iron phosphate batteries, has set up a special forklift project department to develop battery products suitable for forklift working conditions. Its lithium battery has a very obvious competitive strength in life, versatility, safety, cost and other aspects. At present, Guoxuan Hi-Tech's forklift power battery pack has passed a series of safety key verifications, including vibration test, mechanical shock, low temperature heating, high temperature heat dissipation performance, etc., to ensure the safety of the product in practical applications.

In addition, in September 2019, Dongxu Optoelectronics and its subsidiary Shanghai Carbon Source Huigu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. released graphene-based forklift lithium-ion battery products. Feng Xudong, vice president of Dongxu Optoelectronics, said that the current choice of forklift lithium battery as the application field is the most optimized and realistic choice for graphene-based high-power batteries. He believes that graphene-based lithium batteries have natural advantages such as good safety, high charge and discharge rates, and long cycle life, which is just what the forklift needs.

Prior to the same year in April of the same year, Jiawei Xinneng Holding Company Jiawei Longneng Solid Energy Storage Technology Rugao Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Ruyi Co., Ltd. signed a "Cooperation Agreement". Procurement of the forklift battery packs produced by it is planned to purchase a total of 200,000 sets.

It is worth noting that Weihong Power, famous for its fast charging industry, also has a layout in the field of forklifts. Its lithium battery products have the advantages of fast charging, long life and high safety. It is reported that Weihong Power has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with forklift giant Linde as its lithium battery supplier. In addition, the two parties have also cooperated in the forklift rental terminal market. At present, the first batch of forklifts has been put on the market and responded well.

Lithium battery replaces lead acid

In the future, with the industrial development of lithium batteries, the proportion of its use in electric forklifts will become higher and higher. A 2019 Chinese forklift lithium battery survey report shows that more than 60% of professionals continue to optimistic about and support the development prospects of forklift lithium batteries.

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have unparalleled advantages. Lithium batteries do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements that pollute the environment, and are harmless. When charging, it will not produce "hydrogen evolution" phenomenon similar to lead-acid batteries, will not corrode wire terminals and battery boxes, and is environmentally friendly and reliable. The lithium iron phosphate battery has a life span of 5 to 10 years, no memory effect, and does not require frequent replacement.

Not only that, the lithium-ion battery pack is equipped with intelligent lithium battery management and protection circuits, which can effectively cut off the main circuit response to low battery, short circuit, overcharge, high temperature and other faults, and can provide sound and light alarms. Lead-acid batteries do not have the above functions.

It is worth mentioning that this year the Jungheinrich lithium battery stacker ERC 216zi was awarded the internationally renowned award iF Design Award. ERC 216zi is the most compact pallet truck of its kind, with sensitive operation. This is mainly due to its integrated lithium battery design. By removing the battery slot between the operator platform and the gantry, the length of the forklift is greatly shortened .

Christian Erlach, Jungheinrich's sales director, said: "The integrated lithium battery has revolutionized the design of the forklift. The design of the Jungheinrich lithium battery stacker ERC 216zi is extremely compact and very flexible.

Undoubtedly, this is another great benefit for lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries.

Previously, some organizations had predicted that by 2020, the penetration rate of lithium battery forklifts in electric forklifts will exceed 50%, and their demand for lithium batteries will increase from 1.3GWh in 2017 to 5.4GWh in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 50%. The lithium forklift market is about to usher in an outbreak period.

The industry believes that the application of lithium batteries in the field of forklifts will definitely have a strong impact on the original forklift market structure. The emergence of lithium battery forklifts is the general trend. The rapid development of the logistics industry requires a forklift with short charging time, long service time, stable performance, high-strength operation, and high degree of automation and intelligence. The emergence of lithium batteries has provided a boost to the development of the forklift industry.