Lithium Battery Manufacturers Analyze Lithium Batteries For Lead Cars Or Lead-acid Batteries

- Nov 01, 2019-

Lithium battery manufacturers analyze lithium batteries for lead cars or lead-acid batteries? RV power is limited, in order to pursue a more cost-effective? Space balance utilization ratio, we must learn to use electricity reasonably. Many friends asked me how to use electricity on the RV? Choose a lithium battery or a traditional lead acid battery? This article only represents the understanding of lithium battery manufacturers for reference.

Lithium battery manufacturers analyze lithium batteries for lead cars or lead-acid batteries?

When buying a RV, many RV manufacturers would advise us not to install a lithium battery for the RV. Because the price is too high, the RV battery does not need to choose a lithium battery.

On the one hand, if we choose to use a lithium battery as the energy storage battery for the RV, it is too cheap. From the price point of view, the battery cost is close to 15,000 yuan, and the price of the entry-level two-axis house car is only about 50,000 yuan, so the battery cost is too large. On the one hand, lead-acid batteries are more cost-effective than lithium batteries. Lead-acid batteries are not only low cost, but also have a storage capacity of 0.72 degrees per battery. Thus, the total cost of a lead-acid battery is about 6,300 yuan. That is half the price of a lithium battery.

Taking a lithium battery as an example, the lowest price of lithium iron phosphate battery is 1300-1500 yuan/kWh. The parking power requires at least 10 degrees of power. The cost of photovoltaic cells is close to 15,000 yuan. The price of the entry-level towed dual-axle car is less than 50,000 yuan, and the cost of the battery is too large. A secondary battery as an energy storage battery has been sufficiently recycled, and the cost can be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a lithium battery to store the energy of the RV. Although the lead-acid battery is very heavy, after normal driving, it takes a lot of kilometers to level the fuel consumption difference.

On the other hand, lithium battery manufacturers feel that the safety of lithium batteries is the most important issue and cannot be ignored. The safety of lithium batteries is not guaranteed. It is not uncommon for a lithium battery to catch fire. Although it did not happen to him, there are still security risks. In terms of stability, lead-acid batteries are still superior to lithium batteries. After a hundred years of development, lead-acid battery technology is also very mature. In low-temperature environments, the loss of lithium batteries is far greater than that of lead-acid batteries.

In terms of technology, I believe that due to the wide application of lead-acid batteries, they have been applied in major factories and formed a set of skilled transformation techniques. If the user chooses, some use lead-acid batteries, and some use lithium batteries. When their RV fails, these manufacturers cannot easily repair the RV with a lithium battery. This is also an unnecessary problem for their manufacturers. So they will choose lead-acid batteries in the battery field.

However, on the other hand, the RV lithium iron battery pack consists of a battery pack, an overcharge and over discharge protection system, a single cell equalization control system, and a cabinet. Individual manufacturers have also installed a temperature protection system cell maintenance interface. RV lithium iron battery pack has many advantages such as safety, reliability, volume, light weight, no overcharge and over discharge, long service life, etc. As a new type of energy, it has rapidly spread in the field of RV power. Perfectly solve the "storage" link of the RV power system.

From the perspective of safety redundancy design of the battery, qualified lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries can fully guarantee the safety of users, and there is no obvious safety difference. All in all, the good habit of using electric cars and the scientific and reasonable electric energy system can ensure the quality of residential RV living.