Nichicon Launches New Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

- Dec 13, 2019-

"Nichicon Shanghai Branch has been established for nearly 20 years, and we are seeing daily changes in China every day. China is now one of the fastest-growing countries in the world for the Internet of Things. Nichicon believes that the development of China's Internet of Things will be more accessible. Control, more security, all blocks are connected to achieve overall development. "Recently, Nichicon held a new product launch conference in Beijing. At the meeting, Mr. Toshihiro Yamamoto, Director of the Business Strategy Division of Nichicon's Capacitor Division, and Mr. Mao Jidong, Director and Deputy General Manager of Nichicon Electronic Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd., accepted EEWorld reporters on the latest status of Nichicon's new products and Suqian factory Interview.

Mr. Toshihiro Nagayama, Business Strategy Division, Capacitor Division, Nichicon Corporation (left)

Mr. Mao Jidong, Director and Deputy General Manager of Nichicon Electronic Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. (middle)

New lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Nichicon's new small lithium-ion rechargeable battery product is not a lithium battery known to the public. It is a novel product that will be widely used in emerging markets, such as the IoT Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything, and various other Users in the new communications era.

Mr. Mao Jidong first talked about the original intention of developing new products: "The SLB small-sized rechargeable battery introduced this time has a relatively centered energy density and power density to meet the subsequent practical applications of IoT Internet of Everything, occupying a blank in the market. Compared with EDLC and lithium-ion batteries, the new product has the advantage of energy density; compared with traditional lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, it has advantages in power density, low temperature characteristics, and the number of cycles of charge and discharge. In addition, safety is also very Importantly, new products do not generate heat or burn. "

The minimum size of the new product can be 3mm diameter × 7mm height, which can accommodate 0.35mA / h, in addition to two other sizes. Its shape is similar to ordinary aluminum electrolytic plug-in capacitors. It has a cylindrical shape with positive and negative leads. The new product supports fast charge and discharge, which can achieve 20C, that is, about 80% full charge in 3 minutes, and 90% charge in 3 minutes.

The secret of the new ultra-high safety comes from a special patented material-lithium titanate LTO. Using LTO material as the negative electrode is very stable to heat, it does not use any flammable materials. Second, the internal short-circuit current of the LTO can be kept very small, so that its surface will not be hot. Third, this LTO product does not have the precipitation of lithium ion metals.

CEATEC2019 New Product

At CEATEC in Tokyo, Japan this year, Nichicon released new products of traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors and hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

In response to these new products, Mr. Mao Jidong said: "This year is mainly aimed at three directions, the first is the technology of abnormal voltage, the second is the technology for improving the low temperature characteristics, and the third is the development of high voltage electrolyte. To achieve the temperature stability of the product Resistance, surge voltage resistance, and its low temperature characteristics. "

Mr. Mao Jidong focused on introducing hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors: "When the frequency characteristics of the switching power supply are around 150K Hz, its ESR is much lower than that of aluminum electrolysis. Under temperature characteristics, especially in low temperature environments, its capacitance and leakage There is no sign of significant deterioration in the current. "

For solid polymer products, Nichicon introduced the industry's highest heat resistance 150? C2000 hours guaranteed PCZ series, and the industry's longest durability 125? C8000 hours guaranteed PCM series. For all series of products launched by Nichicon this year, the failure mode of the product system is open circuit, absolutely safe, rather than short circuit in the traditional sense. Only Nichicon can do it in the entire industry.

For aluminum electrolytic products, in the face of applications such as automobiles and 5G communication base stations, the temperature is very high. Based on the chip products with a guarantee of 1000 hours, a new chip product with a longer durability of 150 ° C and a 2000 hour warranty has been developed. Mass production is expected in October 2020. Next year will continue to launch a new series, this series to achieve long life, high capacitance and ESR.

Mr. Mao Jidong finally introduced the plug-in product: "The aluminum shells that are usually contacted are relatively smooth and cylindrical. We found that UXY system products have 6 grooves on the bottom of the side of the shell of the capacitor for shock resistance. The aluminum shell groove processing at the bottom can firmly fix the internal elements, reduce the disconnection caused by vibration, and reach the highest level in the industry, with a corresponding acceleration of 40G. Generally used in automobiles, such vibration is relatively strong Environment.

Production of EV film capacitors in China

Mr. Yamamoto introduced the situation of the Nichicon Suqian plant: "In the next year, we will build a new energy vehicle film capacitor production plant and factory in Suqian, China. The reason why we are considering setting up a new energy vehicle film capacitor factory in China, because China uses Its data tells us that this is one of the countries with the fastest development and the largest number of new energy vehicle production and sales in the world. So far, the solid polymer capacitors produced by the Suqian factory have been used in many motherboards, notebook computers, etc. Among the various chargers. Because our customers are customers of automobile factories, they require the first production capacity to increase to meet their market supply, and the second is that there must be two or more subsidiary production bases to To ensure stable supply in the event of an emergency. At the same time, two years ago, we have obtained IATF-16949 in August 2017, and the certification of the automobile production line can fully meet the production of automobile products. "

Future Force Automotive, Communication, IoT

In response to the global capacitor market environment, Mr. Yamamoto gave his views: "In the financial year 2019, the overall demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors has indeed slowed due to the decline in the automotive, real estate, white goods and other fields in the market. The growth point of Nichicon's market is in the public sector, including government investment, national investment strategic energy reserves and industry upgrades. There are many fast DC charging piles for automobiles, from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Here also brings us A lot of new business has been added. So as of March this year, Nichicon's sales have increased, and we have ushered in an unprecedented performance. "

Mr. Yamamoto continued to talk about the several markets that Nichicon will develop in the future: "In terms of new energy vehicles, a significant outbreak has occurred this year, and the number of vehicles has increased from six to seven digits, breaking through in China alone. One million vehicles. The second is the battery, which is related to the concept of the Internet of Things. Based on 5G communication, it will become more and more popular. The transmission of the Internet of Things and various strategic deployments of the country will drive the development of this performance. Therefore, we believe that the direction of the blockchain and electronic currency proposed by this country and the recent countries, including the continuous evolution of the graphics card and CPU industries, the subsequent gateway servers, stability, security, and regulatory requirements will continue to be practical. Promulgated. Therefore, it is a market target that focuses on the automotive, communications, electronic finance, medical and other fields. "