Lithium Ion Batteries Have Obvious Advantages Over Lead-acid Batteries

- Mar 23, 2018-

With lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicle battery industry, new energy industry has made remarkable achievements, lithium ion batteries gradually come into the mind of the public, and was known, today we are going to compare the lithium ion battery what are compared with the conventional lead-acid battery is more obvious advantage.

■ The energy density

Lead-acid battery energy density of about 40 wh/Kg, PLB latest INR26650-55 type a ternary lithium cobalt nickel manganese acid lithium ion battery energy density reached 210 wh/Kg, so that means the same weight of lithium ion battery is the same weight of lead acid battery power more than four times.

■ Tservice life 

Lithium ion batteries can run up to 2, 000 cycles, and lead acid can usually reach 500 times, so lithium-ion batteries are four times as likely as lead acid.

■ Charging speed

Lithium ion battery charging ratio is usually 0.5~3C, and lead acid is 0.2~0.5C, so the charging speed lithium ion battery is 3 to 6 times faster than the lead-acid battery.

■ Green environmental protection

Lithium ion battery materials belong to green and pollution-free materials. Lead-acid batteries may cause serious environmental pollution to the environment in later use.Therefore, from the perspective of national policy, lithium ion battery has become an inevitable trend, and traditional lead-acid battery companies have now started to lay out lithium ion batteries.