Lithium Ion Battery Classification

- Jun 08, 2020-

The choice of positive electrode material determines the capacity, safety and aging characteristics of the battery. Among them, cobalt especially provides excellent capacity and aging characteristics, but compared with other materials, the safety of cobalt is worse.

Nickel cobalt lithium ion battery is a solid solution (composite) of nickel lithium ion battery and cobalt lithium ion battery. It has the advantages of nickel lithium and cobalt lithium. It was once considered by the industry as the new cathode material most likely to replace cobalt lithium ion battery. , But there is no greater breakthrough in security.

Therefore, the important developments of related companies around the world are concentrated on positive electrodes based on manganese or iron phosphate: (nickel lithium ion battery), (nickel cobalt lithium ion battery), (manganese lithium ion battery), (ternary battery) and LFp (iron phosphate Lithium-ion battery) to improve its safety, but the cost of improving safety is a slight decrease in battery capacity and accelerated battery aging.

Li-MnO2 (Li-Mn, CR) of manganese lithium ion battery has lower cost and much better safety than lithium cobalt oxide lithium ion battery, but the cycle life is not good, and the cycle life in high temperature environment is worse, even manganese will appear at high temperature The phenomenon of ion dissolution, high temperature causes serious self-discharge, so that the energy storage characteristics are poor.

Lithium-nickel batteries have lower costs and higher electrical capacities. However, the manufacturing process is difficult and the consistency and reproducibility of material properties are poor. The most serious problem is that there are still safety problems.

Lithium iron phosphate battery has the important advantages of cobalt lithium, nickel lithium and manganese lithium at the same time, but does not contain precious elements such as cobalt, the price of raw materials is low, and phosphorus, lithium, and iron are abundant in the earth's resources, and there will be no supply. Problems, and the moderate operating voltage (3.2V), large capacity (170mAh/g), high discharge power, fast charging and long cycle life, high stability in high temperature and high temperature environments, is currently considered by the industry Lithium-ion battery that meets the requirements of environmental protection, safety and high performance.

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