Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte Has Great Potential For Development

- Apr 03, 2018-

Fujitsu corporation and Japan riken research institute recently released, their application in the design of joint research team in the materials for the first principle calculation and artificial intelligence technology, solid electrolyte of all solid state lithium ion battery has made the forecast, synthesis and evaluation of test, and the actual verification.The results show that, even with less data, the best materials can be found efficiently by combining with artificial intelligence methods, and the development speed of materials can be greatly improved.

锂电池电解质得到开发 潜力巨大

The development potential of artificial intelligence high-efficient lithium ion battery electrolyte is huge.

So far, the development of materials has had to rely on the long-term experience and keen intuition of researchers, and the need to accumulate many failures to succeed.And the first principle calculation is if you specify the material composition, characteristics, based on quantum mechanics can be predicted before the experiment can predict the best composition of a new high functional materials, thereby greatly reducing the experiment failed.But the first principle is a very large load, and it takes a very long time to calculate the various components of the material.

The team hopes to through the simulation and experiment of materials and closely combined with artificial intelligence, solve the problem of material development, make the material greatly shorten the development time, in order to more easily find unexpected composition and crystal structure, create a new high functional materials.

One of the research team used artificial intelligence methods of bayesian inference method, control of the first principle calculation operations, of all solid state lithium ion battery of solid electrolyte three oxygen containing lithium salts of synthetic compounds.The results show that this method can predict the best combination of high lithium ion conductivity in the time of realization.Other components of high lithium ion conductivity were also found near the predicted composition.

The lithium ion conductivity is one of the important characteristics of solid electrolyte materials and is the factor leading to the charging and discharging speed of lithium ion batteries.The research results validate the use of material simulation and artificial intelligence method can be efficiently developed no leakage, no fire of lithium ion battery, the future is expected to be in the field of material such as batteries, semiconductors, and the magnetic body potential into full play