Lithium Ion Battery Enclosure Classification

- Jul 17, 2019-

Lithium battery shell design can be divided into PVC heat seal,plastic and metal, and the shell materials are generally divided into 3 kinds:plast,steel and aluminum,among which aluminum is the best battery shell. Low density but high strength,close to or over high quality steel,good plasticity.


Steel shell lithium ion battery: In the early stage,angular lithium ion batteries were mostly steel shells,mostly used for mobile phone batteries. Later,due to the low weight ratio of steel shells to energy and poor safety,they were gradually replaced by aluminum shells and flexible packaging lithium ion batteries. But in the cylinder lithium battery,most of the vendors are in steel battery shell material,because the physical stability of the steel materials,stress is much higher than that of aluminum shell material,after each manufacturer of structure optimization design, safety device is placed inside the battery core,the security of the steel column type battery has reached a new level,have you  noticed that the majority of notebook computer batteries are with steel shell as the carrier.


Aluminum shell lithium ion battery:Aluminum lithium ion batteries have become the main mobile phone batteries due to their lighter quality and slightly better safety than steel lithium ion batteries. Due to the high opening cost of aluminum shell,there are few models,and the minimum order quantity requirements are high, the main models are concentrated in some common mobile phone battery models.


Flexible pack lithium ion battery:Due to its light quality,low mold opening cost and high safety,flexible packaging lithium ion battery is gradually expanding its market share.Mainly used in digital products,but also gradually to mobile phones,laptops,power tools and  other markets. It can be predicted that in the next few years,the market share of flexible packing lithium ion battery will continue to expand steadily and the application scope will be more extensive. Due to the outsourcing of aluminum-plastic film,the pressure resistance is very weak; due to the current technical and environmental limitations of domestic packaging plants,the proportion of swelling is still relatively high.