Lithium Iron Phosphate – Smarter Than Your Average Battery

- May 29, 2020-

What is a SMART battery?

The term SMART refers to any Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology and describes technology or devices that can connect, share and interact with a level of automation.
However, there is a key difference between automation and SMART and although many products are marketed as SMART they lack the distinguishing characteristic that it must have the functionality to engage with the user.
In the case of batteries, the definition of a SMART battery varies depending on which organisation and manufactures you talk to. However, it is widely considered that a SMART battery should, at the very least, display the State of Charge and the State of Health to the user. Increasingly though, the modern-day user is demanding that their SMART batteries provide extensive information, identify any potential or existing issues and that it automatically protects the product from catastrophic failure.

Why you should use a SMART battery?

Batteries which have integrated its BMS and monitoring technology provide the user with a safer and longer-lasting product that is easy to install and maintain. Remember, purchasing a lithium battery is an investment and although the up-front cost for a modern battery maybe more, in the long term it is cheaper and more efficient to run as this technology is ultimately aimed at maximising the life of the battery and ease of use.