Lithium Metal Battery Or Subversion Energy Storage Industry

- Nov 19, 2016-

According to media reports, a new battery may be applied as early as next year in the smart phone, which will carry the current lithium-ion battery is twice that of the future of this technology can be used for electric vehicles. In addition to the new battery can greatly improve the phone's battery life, it may also make the electric vehicle mileage doubled, thereby reducing the number of electric car users on the mileage concerns.

The new lithium-ion battery technology, called "Lithium Metal Battery", was developed by SolidEnergy Systems, which is based at the Energy Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This new battery will be available to smartphones and wearable companies next year. And it will be available to electric vehicle manufacturers in the year next.

Although graphite has been proven to be the best and most reliable material for cathode production to date, it contains a limited number of ions. Researchers have been hoping to use lithium metal foil instead of graphite, it can accommodate more ions, but usually lithium metal foil and electrolyte will produce adverse reactions, resulting in electrolyte overheating, and even lead to combustion. Solid electrolyte systems developed by SolidEnergySystems do not adversely affect lithium metal foils, making them safe and reliable as batteries for everyday use. "This is a holy grail for the battery industry," said Qichao Hu, founder and chief executive of the company.

Industry analysts, smart phone and notebook computer manufacturers have been hoping to extend the battery life of their products, but lithium-ion technology has been unable to meet the chemical characteristics of the restrictions. "Lithium metal" technology is an engineering breakthrough, it will greatly improve the battery performance and enhance the battery power endurance, significantly improved the economic benefits of electricity storage, consumer electronics to promote the upgrading and transformation of human life is of great significance. The future, once successfully applied to the new energy automotive industry, lithium battery industry will be a revolutionary breakthrough in commercial value and application prospects should not be underestimated, the relevant concept stocks worthy of attention.