Scientists Have Developed A Lithium Battery That Can Be Used At -70 °C. There Is Great Hope For The Use Of Outer Space.

- Aug 29, 2019-

Generally speaking, the performance of traditional lithium batteries at 50% performance at -20 °C is considered to be the optimal level. However, it is reported that Chinese scientists have successfully developed lithium batteries that can be used normally at 70 ° C. They have significant application potential and may even be used in polar regions. Or space.


On March 1st, Chinese scientists developed a lithium battery that can be used at minus 70 degrees Celsius. It is expected to be used in the extremely cold regions of the earth and even in outer space in the future.


According to a study published in the latest issue of the American energy academic journal Joule, the new battery developed by Xia Yongyao of Fudan University in China uses ethyl acetate as a electrolyte with low freezing point and conductivity under extremely low temperature conditions, and uses two An organic compound is used as an electrode, which is a PTPAn cathode and a PNTCDA anode, respectively.