Smart Lithium Battery Solution Speeds Up The End Of The Last Mile

- Sep 03, 2019-

Lithium Power World News, electric horse tricycle as a courier "horseback", is getting more and more local government to give access. Whether it is from the international market or the domestic market, lithium batteries have become the next stage of power and new energy has become an inevitable trend.

At the scene of the "last mile" summit of 2019 China Express recently held, the smart battery and power exchange cabinet brought by Beijing Chuangyuan Wanwei Energy Technology Co., Ltd. triggered the extensive attention of the guests, and it is expected to completely solve the courier brother riding. Electrical pain points in the process

Let every courier use lithium battery

At present, the Chinese express market is mainly based on online shopping. The characteristics of online shopping parcels are large quantity and small parcels. The courier delivers 200-300 parcels per day and the load reaches 150 kg. The two-wheeled car can't fit, and the car is too wasteful. Undoubtedly, the current tricycle is the most suitable delivery tool.

Chen Liwei, general manager of Beijing Chuangyuan Wanwei Energy Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out in the keynote speech of the "last mile" summit that for express delivery brothers, electricity and charging have become a difficult problem in front of them. Although express tricycles have acquired road rights in some cities, the most cumbersome lead-acid batteries are still used. Lead-acid batteries generally have problems such as insufficient endurance, severe weather impact, short and heavy life, dangerous safety hazards, and easy stolen. The lithium battery with smart chip just solves this pain point.

It was the pain point of the express tricycle that used electricity. Chuangyuan Wanwei launched the shared lithium leasing business. Chen Liwei introduced that for the courier, only a few yuan per day of service charge is required for the rental. The courier company can no longer buy the battery when purchasing the electric car, and adopts the mode of renting with the use, and also eliminates the battery. The high cost of replacing the battery after the guarantee has greatly reduced the cost of use.