Lithos Energy Is Pushing The Fourth-generation High Pressure Liquid-cooled Battery Pack

- Oct 16, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, Lithos Energy announced the launch of a fourth-generation high pressure liquid-cooled battery pack, which can provide higher Energy density, higher safety and fast mass production.Lithos fourth-generation battery technology is now being used in Lithos's latest high-voltage battery pack.The technology is a significant improvement over previous technologies, with a 23% increase in energy compared to previous generations of batteries.

The new technology also improves battery safety and reliability.Its advanced design features passive transmission to prevent runaway heat, and a redesigned liquid cooling system to improve the thermal stability of the entire battery pack and extend its life.

Copper is used to connect the parts of the battery together, while improving the battery's thermal management function. Peak current pulses can last longer, and voltage sag is less, which improves vehicle performance.In addition, the company's proprietary battery packaging technology enables its battery pack to provide leading power density (up to 2000W/kg) or energy density (up to 215Wh/kg).

The new technology is currently used in Lithos's high-voltage battery line and provides four standard shape factors with different high-energy and high-power numerical values.All Lithos Energy batteries are designed and assembled at the company's California facility.