Manganese Acid Lithium Battery Receives Market Attention,anuual Capacity Increases Significantly And Outstanding Price Advantages

- Jul 09, 2019-

The industry insider think under the dual role of new energy vehicle subsidies and the marketization promotion,the price advantage of manganese acid battery will highlight, the enterprises will promote the development of high-end manganese acid lithium battery.


Since the beginning of this year,the price of ternary lithium material has fallen down to some extent after experiencing the sharp rise of Cobalt price,but the dynamic material is still at a high level. With the gradual increase of ternary materials in the field of power batteries, lithium manganese gradually exceeds the market share of lithium iron phosphate with its advantage of high energy density;but its safety and cycling performance still restrict its further development. From the second half of last year,many lithium manganese acid enterprises have expanded  capacity.At present,the domestic annual output of 1000tons of lithium manganese acid enterprises have nearly 20,with this year's  new energy vehicle rebate effect and lithium manganese acid technology to promot the speed of fast,the manganese acid lithium battery will be favored by car enterprises gradually.

Many experts says if manganese acid lithium battery can maintain its original advantages,through the technological innovation and continuously improvement,will occupy a place in the new energy market segmentation.