Mexico Has Lifted A 15 Percent Tariff On Imports Of Solar Panels

- Jun 26, 2018-

Mexico's federal financial and administrative court last week announced the elimination of a 15 percent tariff on imports of solar panels.


The tariff was introduced by the Mexican tax authority (SAT) in 2015.Court accepted the Mexican solar energy society (AsOMMEX) in October 2016 appeal the tax burden is illegal, because SAT claims that the solar module itself is generator, rather than in the power system components.

Cancel the tariffs, solar energy battery components and expected prices to fall, is likely to promote the development of Mexico this year and next, may even lead to those in the past three years power auction to be selected, but abandoned the reconstruction of the solar project.

IsraelHurtado, the director-general of AsOMMEX, confirmed that some "unprofitable" projects may now become attractive again."With the loss of the component prices, many projects can restructuring and refinancing", he said the panel cost accounts for a large solar projects 50% of the total cost, and more than 30% of the price drop can make save 15% of the entire project.

In addition, Hurtado believes 2018 will be a record year for the photovoltaic industry, with Mexico likely to add 1 gigawatt of new capacity.The association's forecast for the next six years is 6.6gw, but Hurtado said it would not rule out a revision.