How Should Lithium Battery UPS Power Be Maintained In The Military Field?

- Dec 02, 2019-

1. Under normal use, the military lithium battery UPS power supply requires little maintenance work, mainly dust and regular dust removal. Especially in dry climate areas, there are many ash particles in the air. The fan inside the machine will bring dust into the machine to deposit. When the air is wet, it will cause the host to control disorder and cause the host to malfunction. Dust can also cause poor heat dissipation of the device. It should be thoroughly cleaned once a quarter. The second is to check whether the connecting parts and plugs are loose and not in good contact when removing dust.

2. When the UPS battery system fails, you should first find out the reason and distinguish whether it is the load or the UPS power system; the host or the battery pack. Although the UPS host has a fault self-test function, it is opposite to the point, which is convenient for replacing accessories. However, to repair the fault point, a lot of analysis and testing work is still needed. In addition, if the self-test part fails, the displayed fault content may be wrong.

3. For the breakdown of the host, breakdown insurance or burned device failure, be sure to find out the cause and eliminate the failure before restarting, otherwise the same failure will occur one after another