Replace Mobile Power? Novelty Charging Technology Inventory

- Sep 04, 2019-

At present, the mobile power supply on the market is as many as the hairs on an ox, and consumers have more and more choices. With the increasingly fierce competition, different types of mobile power have entered the point of being short-handed. The homogenization of mobile power in the market is serious, and the truly distinctive production alienation is rare, and those products that can produce revolutionary effects are not present. At present, the mobile power supply on the market is powered by a battery (lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery) to convert power, and basically no other mobile power source can be seen. In fact, if the change is actually implemented from the power supply mode, then the mobile power industry may usher in a revolution, and new products may replace mobile power and become a new generation of charging products.


Although the market demand for mobile power is still increasing, users have higher requirements for product experience. Traditional mobile power sources may require more innovations to meet the ever-increasing demands of users. In addition to the traditional battery-based charging, there are still many products that generate electricity by energy conversion. Although it seems that the practicality of these products remains to be seen, such ideas are indeed worth encouraging, and I believe that more products will emerge in the future. This article will take stock of some novel charging technologies for your reference.