More Than 8% Of The Power Gain Of The Coal - Complementary Test Station

- Sep 22, 2017-

In the afternoon of September 20, the plant in the large lake of yingli group co., LTD., headquartered in baoding, hebei province, was in operation., according to the company under the environment of double power components in the surface light power gain progress was made in the experiment, after nearly a year of operation, its "panda" double power generation plant and the p-type monocrystal PERC single power contrast, high power gain, on average, more than 8%.

Yingli fills the lake fishing light complementary test power station was built in November 2016, the main purpose for the study of double power components on the surface of light power gain of the environment, the plant is mainly composed of 6 pieces of 290 w panda double power components combined 1740 watts (single power), 6 pieces of 300 watts of p-type monocrystal PERC efficient single aggregate 1800 watts of power components.

"Yingli 'panda' double power components with super resistance to hot and humid, PID resistance, very suitable for high temperature and high humidity climate and humidity larger waters environment installation", the company power investment group, vice general manager Sun Zhonggang says, light reflectivity is higher than the water medium, such as land, cement components on the back can absorb more light reflected from the surface of the water to generate power, increase power gain.In addition, the adoption of N type batteries, double glass components encapsulation technology, such as double power components also showed a low temperature coefficient, good mechanical properties, super low attenuation of ageing resistance and other properties, double power component is more suitable for fishing, agriculture, light light roof places such as distributed applications.