Morocco's 800MW Solar Project Received $265 Million

- Dec 13, 2017-

China energy storage network: the African development bank (ADB) has approved a $324 million loan to support two renewable energy projects as part of a new energy policy in Africa.


The $265m has been spent on two solar power plants in Morocco, NOORM1 and NOORM2, with a total capacity of about 800 megawatts.When the project is completed, it will be plugged into the national grid, which is expected to meet the electricity needs of the country's 6% population.

The two projects each include a single CSP power station with a capacity of 150-190 megawatts, and thermal storage at least five times.Photovoltaic capacity is expected to be between 150 and 210 megawatts.

Morocco's 2030 plan is to make up 52 percent of renewable energy, 20 percent of which is solar.

Another project backed by the ADB is a 44-megawatt hydroelectric plant in cote d 'ivoire, with a loan of $59 million.