Nanjing Issued A Policy To Promote The Application Of New Energy Vehicles

- Sep 22, 2017-

China's energy storage network: recently, nanjing issued the implementation plan of the 13th five-year plan for the promotion of new energy vehicles in nanjing, and accelerated the application of new energy vehicles.

The goal of nanjing promotion of new energy vehicles is to basically realize the new energy of the city's main city and new district buses by 2020.The city has added more than 50,000 standard vehicles for new energy vehicles and has more than 130,000 standard vehicles.There are 20,000 new charging piles in the whole city, which have reached 25,000, which are basically completed in a moderately advanced, reasonable layout, and a smart and efficient charging infrastructure system.

"Nanjing" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "new energy automobile application implementation scheme is put forward to transform the charging infrastructure construction and form a complete set of power grid construction into the medium and long-term urban planning, perfecting the urban charging infrastructure design and engineering construction standards, develop and promote urban public charging infrastructure typical design scheme.In principle, the newly built residential PeiJian reserved parking Spaces should be 100% charging infrastructure construction or construction installation conditions, large public buildings PeiJian parking lot, the social construction of public parking charging infrastructure parking is not lower than 10%, per 2000 new energy car at least 1 supporting the construction of the public charging stations.

At present, nanjing has charging infrastructure built in 68, the city of charging station 41 seats, expressway service area 18 stations, bus filled in nine hydropower station, preliminarily formed the electric car quick charge network covering the whole city.This year, the city will also add 32 additional city charging stations and four charging stations for highway service districts.