Nanoscale Diamonds Make Lithium Batteries Safer

- Aug 29, 2017-

The scientists of collaboration between China and the United States, according to a study into the lithium battery electrolyte add nanoscale diamond particles, can prevent the battery internal generated cause a short-circuit sediment, to avoid accidents such as fire.

The study was done in collaboration with institutions such as tsinghua university in China and drexel university in the United States, published in the new issue of the journal nature communications.

Lithium battery has high energy density and good charge and discharge, and is widely used in industrial and consumer electronics.But if pure metal lithium is used as an electrode, the inside of the battery is easy to produce dendritic deposits called dendrites, which can cause a short circuit after a certain size.Current lithium batteries are usually made of lithium embedded graphite materials, which can reduce the production of "dendrites", but also significantly reduce the energy storage effect, which is only a tenth of the lithium battery used for lithium metal.

The researchers added nanodiamonds to lithium battery electrolytes and found that the resulting deposits were smooth, not dendritic.The new results are expected to inhibit dendritic production using pure lithium electrodes, making lithium batteries safe and high-performance.

Nano-diamonds are tiny diamond particles that are less than one thousandth of the diameter of a hair and are cheap to make.They have a very regular structure and are easily arranged to form a smooth surface.

Added to the lithium battery in the experiment of nano diamond withstand 200 hours of stable charge and discharge cycle, it is enough for some industrial applications, but if you want to used for smart phones and laptops, still need to further improve and verify performance.