Nearly A Quarter Of Orders For The Tesla Model3 Have Been Cancelled

- Jun 09, 2018-

According to the latest data from Second Measure, 23 per cent of Model 3 orders in the us have been cancelled.In April, musk said the delivery of the Model 3 would be delayed by six months to nine months.That month, about 18% of the Model 3 was refunded.

Tesla has been trying to improve its profitability through the release of the cheaper Model 3 after it opened the market with the luxury Model S/X.Two years ago, tesla began taking pre-orders for its Model 3 electric car, with a $1,000 deposit that is expected to be delivered in 2018.At the time, hundreds of thousands of customers made reservations.However, after the Model 3 was exploded in early march and nearly 40% of the parts were unqualified and needed to be reworked, the delivery was delayed again and again.

Industry sources said the company was unable to meet orders for more than 450,000 vehicles because of limited production.Last quarter, tesla delivered just 8180 Model 3 cars.

But Mr Musk said recently that the Model 3 could offer a rental service next year after tesla exceeded its productivity target of 5,000 cars a week and became profitable.