NEC Will Launch Unmanned Aerial Vehicle With Lithium Batteries For Commercial Use

- Nov 19, 2016-

In 26 sep, 2016 NEC Energy Devices declared that they have developed the prototype of the lithium ion secondary battery used on commercial unmanned aerial vehicle and planned to launch the product. According to the introduction, compared with lithium polymer secondary battery, the unmanned aerial vehicle flight times can achieve more than 2 times using the new developed battery.

The new developed battery, the energy density improved about 33% when it in high power output. compared with the original products, under the same weight, unmanned aerial vehicle flight time and flight distance can be extended by about 33%; and under the same capacity, it can reduce about 25% weight. At the same time, through optimizing the composition of electrode reduces the electrode resistance, energy power density increased by 40% than original products.  the unmanned aerial vehicle snapping rise and fall also can improve the output current follow, implementation can reduce the influence of wind flying stably for a long time, but also in the case of not heat the battery in about 5-10 low temperature environment.

In addition, newly developed battery by optimizing the electrode material, electrolyte, the combination of additives, etc, make the repeated charge and discharge when the durability of more than 10% higher than that of the company the original ones. The durability is equivalent to 2 times more than ordinary lithium polymer secondary battery levels, extending battery life, which can reduce the cost. And the battery in the positive and negative of the diaphragm is used in the insulation resistance to high temperature strength of products, ensuring the safety.

In the future the company will be in the actual trial and natural environment to promote the implementation of mass production., and plans to start selling in the first quarter of 2017. The target is to achieve sales of 2 billion yen.