New Flexible Zinc - Air Battery Can Be Woven Into Wearable

- Apr 08, 2018-

Will the battery be made into a flexible, portable accessory, or even woven into the fabric?On April 2nd, a reporter from the tianjin university professor wen-bin hu, Zhong Cheng professor, professor deng meaning of research, according to the group through a rapid, simple and continuous method was a kind of flexible knitted linear zinc - empty battery;In addition to design the preparation of a kind of oxygen reduction and oxygen precipitation is high catalytic performance of the thickness of the atomic mesoporous Co3O4 / N - rGO (nitrogen doped mesoporous the cobalt oxide/REDOX graphene) composite nanometer film, based on the composite nano as a catalyst of flexible space and linear zinc batteries showed excellent performance.

The study was published in the international journal advanced materials and advanced energy materials in the form of cover articles.

"With the development of wearable electronic devices, increasing demand of flexible energy storage devices, but flexible lithium ion battery and super capacitor exist such problems as insufficient energy density, restricting its development and application.""Said wen-bin hu.

The group study adopts the method of rapid electroplating on the surface of the carbon fiber that carbon cloth in situ spread a layer of cobalt hydroxide, combined with the subsequent heat treatment process, obtained the ultra-thin mesoporous the cobalt oxide (Co3O4) composite and carbon cloth, high oxygen reduction and oxygen precipitation ability of integration of air electrode.

"An integrated air electrode with high efficiency oxygen reduction and oxygen precipitation is used to prepare a flexible device with superior performance.For example, the flexible zinc-air pack, which is connected through a series of parallel connections, can drive all kinds of electronic devices and charge the iphone."Said hu.