New Lithium-ion Batteries From Japan Could Double The Range Of Electric Vehicles

- Aug 15, 2017-

Most electric cars can't yet travel to the gas car to charge the battery, but they can thank a new lithium-ion battery from Japan even more.Battery technology tang said its potential game-changing batteries could be used in a two-car range, and the company plans to start mass production in three years.

According to the nikkei, lithium-ion batteries will be developed in a joint venture with mitsubishi and mitsubishi motors, called lithium energy Japan.The battery gives the electric car the power to drive further.Mitsubishi i-miev, for example, can now travel 170 kilometers, or about 105 miles, for every charge, but with the new battery it can drive up to 340 kilometers, or about 211 miles.The company also plans to make a new battery for the price of its batteries in today's batteries.

According to nikkei, GS soup is the fourth largest supplier of lithium-ion batteries in the world.So far, the nikkei said, Japanese companies such as panasonic in quality and performance in a leading position, but if they want to follow behind, ahead of China and South Korea company requires constant innovation.The new battery's announcement prompted GS yuasa's shares to surge as much as 15 percent in early trade, according to Reuters.

The li-ion battery will be manufactured at mitsubishi motors 'shiga county's factory in China and in Europe.GS soup started mass-producing batteries in 2020.Batteries provide longer distances, and electric car owners wouldn't have to worry too much about the lack of charging infrastructure in many parts of the world.