New Progress In Solar Cell Research And Development In Qingdao

- Aug 07, 2017-

China energy storage net news: the reporter learns from Qingdao city technology bureau, perovskite solar cell is the most rapid development of a new generation of photoelectric conversion device, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is close to silicon level, and cost advantage obviously, is believed to be the most likely one of the new type of solar cell device with large extension.

Qingdao green can jointly with Israel "efficient organic - inorganic perovskite solar cell research" since 2015 ministry of science and technology project between government support, the development of the current the most promising perovskite membrane technology to repair large area, preparation technology and device obtained the optimization and improve efficiency.On the basis of the results, the team further cooperation with the domestic photovoltaic enterprises, developed with independent intellectual property rights of gas repair equipment, cooperation in the process of research and development team to apply for a patent for invention 3, authorized two, 8 SCI papers published articles, on the one hand, improved the research level of the city in this area, expand the international influence;On the other hand, new technology with independent intellectual property rights has been obtained, which has laid a good foundation for the commercialization of the calcium titanite solar cell.