New Progress Was Made In The Study Of The Non-fluorine Porous Ion Conduction Membrane In The Liquid Flow Batteries Of Dalian Compounds.

- Apr 13, 2018-

Recently, the research team led by li xianfeng and zhang hua min of dalian chemical energy storage technology research team made new progress in the research of the non-fluorine porous ion conducting membrane in the liquid flow battery.


Ionic conduction membrane is a key core component of liquid flow cell, and its performance and cost will determine the performance, reliability and cost of liquid flow battery system.The team originally proposed the mechanism of "ion-free exchange group" ion screening transmission (Energy Environ. Sci. 2011, 4,1676) and made a series of progress.

However, in order to meet the demand of the new generation of high power density, the ionic conductivity of the porous ionic conduction membrane still needs to be further improved.

In this work, the team based on the previous research, by constructing continuous in the porous ionic conduction membrane ion transport channel, on the basis of guarantee the ion selective, greatly improving the proton conductivity of membrane, for the high power density flow battery research and development laid a solid foundation.The results were published in the Nano Energy.

The above research work has been funded by the national natural science foundation, the frontier key project of the academy of sciences, the collaborative innovation center of energy materials of the ministry of education and the DICP&QIBEBT fusion fund.