New York City Has Announced 50 New Fast Charging Stations On Five Blocks

- Sep 29, 2017-

New York City has announced a major electric car charging plan to set up 50 quick charging stations in five districts, according to a recent report.The deployment of the new plant will start next year and continue until 2020.

New York City mayor bill DE blasio announced Tuesday that the city will work with power company Edison to invest $10 million in the project.He said: "the New York City will continue to invest in new technology we need, in order to reduce carbon emissions, especially in the President give up announced his retirement from trump, especially under the background of the Paris climate agreement.By helping to develop the infrastructure needed for electric cars, we will make it easier for new yorkers to switch to electric vehicles than ever before.This is another step in our approach to tackling climate change."

It is understood that last year the city bought 80 all-electric Chevrolet Bolt electric cars at a high discount to promote the sharing of the car business.The city also plans to add more electric cars to its fleet.These vehicles will also benefit from the increase in the number of charging stations.And New York state recently introduced a new $2, 000 electric car incentive program that will benefit from the tesla Model 3, the Chevrolet Bolt EV and other low-cost electric vehicles.

The New York City statement is important for several reasons.First, the statement focuses on quick charging stations.So far, rapid charging stations are still lacking, and many companies have been focused on deploying slower two-tier chargers.Second, the statement talked about a number of charging stations.The statement referred to it as a "fast charging center" and planned "a maximum of 20 chargers for each site."That's good news, because apart from tesla's supercharger stations, you rarely see a charging station with four or six chargers.

At present, most of the New York City and surrounding areas have a charging speed of 2 level charger.There are 526 2-level chargers in 307 charging stations, with only 16 quick chargers.In the future, these new fast charging centers will not only add 1,000 quick chargers, but tesla also plans to add many quick chargers through its expansion of its supercharging network.Tesla plans to build eight more supercharging stations in Manhattan by the end of next year.